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Laugh More. Stress Less.

Lyndy's engaging and entertaining Laugh More. Stress Less. presentation will be one of the funniest and most entertaining presentations your group will experience for meetings, conferences, or trainings. It has clean humor, comedy magic, audience participation, and important content on stress and healthy ways to reduce it. People walk away from Lyndy's presentation laughing, less stressed, and recharged.


Lyndy’s Laugh More. Stress Less. sets a fun and exciting tone for meetings/conferences. He helps attendees to laugh, relax and prepare for an amazing event while also sharing beneficial information on stress and ways to reduce it.

“We kicked off our annual conference with a roar of laughter! Mr. Lyndy Phillips opened our conference in such a wonderful way with huge smiles and lots of laughter.” -Texas Court Clerks Association


As a closing presentation, Lyndy brings meetings/conferences to a memorable close with humor, audience participation, and useful information on reducing stress attendees take home and use in their daily lives.

"What a way to end our conference! Everyone left with a smile on their face and a good message that I doubt they will ever forget. That was by far the funniest and most unforgettable keynote at any conference I have ever attended.”  -President, Texas Association of County Auditors

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What is Laugh More. Stress Less.


Engaging. Entertaining. Educational.

With over 77% of people reporting physical symptoms of stress and 33% feeling they are living with extreme/chronic stress, it’s safe to say we need to laugh, relax, and recharge! That’s exactly what Lyndy Phillips delivers. An engaging and funny presentation that reduces stress immediately and long term with his Laugh More. Stress Less. message. Engaging and Entertaining: humor, comedy magic and audience participation. Educational: learn how stress affects the mind and body, how dangerous it is to one's health, and the importance of reducing it with laughter and other healthy ways. Laugh More. Stress Less. will refresh and recharge any group in any business or organization.

Laugh and Learn:

  • The definition of stress

  • Top three causes of stress

  • Four ways stress affects our lives

  • Six effective ways to reduce stress

  • The healing power of laughter

  • Finding humor in everyday life



"Lyndy Phillips was a gem to work with. He was right on time, friendly and the audience loved him. I have received many positive comments regarding his performance. I would and will recommend him to other companies searching for a special speaker. Thank you so much!”


“Bell kicked off its annual leadership summit with an outstanding presentation by Lyndy Phillips. Lyndy kept our entire audience engaged, on their toes and most importantly, kept them laughing. Lyndy’s presentation was a great addition to our conference.”

Bell Helicopter


"The Texas Court Clerks Association kicked off it's annual conference with a roar of laughter! Mr. Lyndy Phillips opened our conference in such a wonderful way with huge smiles and lots of laughter. I can tell you that our jobs are stressful each and everyday and to take an hour or two getting everyone to laugh was the best money we ever spent. Thank you Mr. Phillips for filling our cups to overflowing with laughter!”

Texas Court Clerks Association

"Lyndy Phillips was just what the doctor ordered! His presentation at our annual convention kept everyone laughing throughout and lightened the spirits of our farmers who have had a very stressful year of farming. He successfully addressed a difficult topic in a positive way by showing and encouraging all of us to find the humor in everyday life. We highly recommend Lyndy Phillips!"

Montana Grain Growers Association


"Lyndy did not disappoint! Our growers needed to hear his message about "Laugh More. Stress Less." especially after the 2019 production year. He helped end our customer conference exactly as we intended- on a high point!"


Farm Credit.png

Farm Credit

Services of America

We would highly recommend Lyndy to any group looking for a funny, down-to-earth speaker who also delivers an important message.

land o lakes.jpg

Forage Genetics International

Land O' Lakes Inc.

Lyndy’s keynote was a perfect way to end a 2 ½ day annual sales meeting that received positive feedback from everyone in the room.

aaa fieldman.png

AAAF, Canada

Reducing stress through humor was the theme, and if using laughter as the gauge, there wasn’t a stressed person in the room after Lyndy’s keynote. His message was well timed and on point.

Texas Association of School Nutrition2.j

Texas Association of School Nutrition

Lyndy was hilarious! We’ve heard many speakers, but Lyndy was a gem! Thank you so much Lyndy our association appreciated every bit of your presentation and we can’t wait to have you again!

Texas Rural Education Association.jpg

Texas Rural Education Association

Lyndy Phillips was a real hit with our audience. He had the audience laughing until they cried with his mix of humor and magic. In addition, his presentation carried a message regarding stress reduction that was right on target for all of us.

Corteva Agriscience.png

Corteva Agriscience

Lyndy was an outstanding addition to our annual meeting. His message perfectly aligned with what we needed and the core values of our company. This was an entertaining presentation with a great message and is highly recommended.

Securities & Insurance Licensing Associa

Securities & Insurance Licensing Association

Watching our conference attendees captivated and responding with loud bursts of laughter to Lyndy’s presentation on Laugh More, Stress Less, we knew we had a successful keynote.  Thank you, Lyndy, for a great start to a full day of conference sessions!

Texas Municipal Human Resources Associat

Texas Municipal Human Resources Association

This was an awesome program. The planning committee heard nothing but excellent feedback regarding Lyndy Phillips’ performance. We would highly recommend him to any group that is looking for a keynote speaker.

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